USD Exchange Rate

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The US dollar is the official currency of the United States of America as well as a handful of South American countries. These include Ecuador, Panama and El Salvador. The British overseas territory of the Virgin Islands also uses the dollar as its sole currency.

As the currency of the world’s sole superpower it is one of the most powerful and well known currencies in the world, being recognised as the currency most used for international transactions, being exchanged mostly for British pounds or Euros. It is also one of the globes preferred reserve currencies.

The dollars we see today were first introduced in the early 20th century. The first US dollars did not feature the faces of presidents like they do now. George Washington himself was against the idea as he believed the tradition was too similar to that of European monarchs, the war of independence was still a recent memory after all.

The dollar exchange rate is relatively poor compared to that of the pound, anyone visiting the country for a holiday can currently expect to spend more on flights to the US but can often make up for it during their stay. Prices tend to be cheaper than those found in the UK making the US an appealing place to visit.

The US itself is a federal union comprised of fifty states with a population of 312 million people. The country has seen its power and influence boom since the end of World War two and positions itself as the home of freedom and liberty.

The US is home to some amazing places for you to spend your money. The city of Las Vegas is famous for its casinos and New York is considered one of the best shopping areas in the world.

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