Travellers Cashcard

TorFX travel money partner ICE PLC offer one of the best pre paid currency cards on the market. The ICE card is a prepaid MasterCard making the card a lot safer than cash when travelling abroad.

Benefits of an ICE Travellers Cashcard

  • No fees or hidden costs: Unlike most other pre paid cash cards, the ICE travellers card does not charge any hidden cost or nasty surprises.
  • Free back up cards: When you apply for an ICE card you are sent two cards, one as a backup and the other loaded with your money. If your main card gets lost or stolen a quick call will activate your second card.
  • 1% cash back: Customers of the ICE travellers card receive 1% cash back on Euro and Dollar purchases.
  • Security: The ICE Travellers card utilises the chip and pin system along with a unique card number ensuring your cash card is safe and secure.
  • Buy back rate: We will buy back any leftover credit on your card when you return from holiday. If you have less than €300 or $300 left on your card ICE will convert your money back at the original exchange rate so long as it is within 30 days of when you loaded up your card.