Japanese Yen Exchange Rate

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The Yen is the official currency of Japan and is the third most traded foreign currency in the world.

It is also used as a reserve currency coming behind the US dollar, the Euro and the Pound as the most popular choice. The Yen was formerly adopted as the nation’s currency in 1871 after the Chinese sold their money press to the Japanese government.

The Japanese government is a constitutional monarchy with the Emperor as head of state and after World War 2 the country gave up its ability to declare war. According to the UN, Japan has the highest life expectancy compared to any other nation.

Japan is a major economic power and is the world’s third biggest economy by GDP and fourth in terms of its buying power. Its population is the tenth highest in the world at 127 million people; its capital of Tokyo is the most densely populated city on the planet with over 30 million people living within the city limits.

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